Bhagyashree Nigade

Full Stack Developer | Social Worker | Bibliophile

I believe that curiosity and thirst for knowledge is what defines the progress of any individual. Never be content with what you know and never be too afraid to explore in to what you don't.

Persevere and Keep Shining!

About Me

As a Full Stack Developer, I make interactive magnetic Frontend applications with equally dynamic Backend programming. I am always in search of new ways to challenge myself and grow technically.

I am also a Bibliophile for which Wiki says- The classic bibliophile is one who loves to read, admire and collect books.

Which is fancy way of saying I am a Bookworm.

Being a part of generation who saw the rapid growth of technology from landline phone in every house getting replaced by latest mobiles phone, I was very fascinated by the magic of it all. Developing my very first HTML program to change background color with the click of a button sealed the deal for my future.

Coding never tires me. I love what I do which makes me the colleague who is always cheerfull at work.

Epecially on Mondays.

My Skills

The only way to learn a new programming language is by writing programs in it - Dennis Ritchie

Front End Design

I develop Frontend components using any of Angular 9, HTML, CSS.

Backend Development

Backend languages I use - Java 8, Spring Boot, RESTFul Webservices, Microservices

Other Technicalities

Mockito, XML/JSON, Gradle, SonarQube, Swagger, SAFe Agile


Getting Started With Thymeleaf In Spring Boot

Tutorial on how to run an HTML template using Thymeleaf starting from Spring Boot Application setup.

Introduction to Project Lombok

Quick Run through annotations and get started with Lombok

Guide to using Java 8 Lambda Expressions.

Introduction and example to implement Lambda Expressions


I am thankful for all the opportunities I have and all the resources I had to become who I am today. But there are many who are not as privileged. I believe in giving back to them and helping as many as I can. Co-founding NEEV Foundation NGO with equally if not more dedicated volunteers is just the beginining of our journey to make a difference.

Know More about NEEV: